Device frozen: "max number of overlay items reached" [SOLVED]

Based on the log it looks like I’ve used too many overlays in my preset, and now I can’t restart the device. The hard reset doesn’t work, as the Console app crashes on my MacBook. What do I do?

I’ve gone back to firmware 1.3.4, and was able to get the device to finish booting. I’m nervous about hitting this limit again, however.

Same for me, back to firmware 1.3.2

There’s something in my preset the Electra doesn’t like (even on the firmware 1.3.4). I’ve reduced the number of overlays, but the device still freezes when I upload the preset. I have to restart the device…then it seems fine. Seems to relate to the size of the overlay…I’ve filled up nearly all 12 pages.

I hope this should be fully resolved in version 1.5.

I’ll try it, thank you.

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