Display the right patch on startup?

How do you make Electra display the patch you have in the edit buffer on the synth when you start up Electra? How is it supposed to work? Or if you select a patch directly on the synth, how can Electra display the new patch? You can not display all the patch names in the synth on the Electra display or? Can someone please tell me the idea behind all this? Right now it feels like my head is spinning around :upside_down_face:

This is very much gear dependent.

In general - the Electra One does not know what is connected to it (even if you have a preset loaded up on the Electra One) until it tries to communicate with the device. Once it establishes communication, then the Electra One can request information like name, current patch parameters, etc.

However - this is very much device dependent. Some devices allow you to query for just the name, others require you to request a patch dump, and some do not transmit anything at all.

So, (at least in my presets) a typical sequence is this:

The machine is powered up/on,
the Electra One is powered up and a preset is loaded to it,
The user presses a “get Edit buffer/Get a patch/Sync with Device” button,
The Electra One tries to query the device and pull back whatever info it can,
The preset hopefully displays the correct information and the user can start editing.

Sometimes with a software VST or hw device, you can start the process by pushing a “send config/send current patch” control on the device/screen and if the Electra One has the correct preset loaded, it will receive the information and display the values, etc.

Another point to remember is that sometimes the Electra One has to be told what MIDI channel, which port, and maybe some other details about the device before you can have successful communication. So there may be a configuration screen that is necessary before you can start the process.