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SysEx implementation > Get a list of snapshots > Response

Issue: 0x05 Configuration file
Suggestion: 0x05 Snaphost list

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SysEx implementation > Preset remove


  • bank-number an identifier of the snapshot bank (0 … 5)
  • slot an identifier of the snapshot slot (0 … 11)

Change to refer to preset bank/slot; check value ranges

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SysEx implementation > Config file remove


A call to permanently remove a preset identified with the bankNumber and a preset slot.

Wrong description; wrong SysEx details.

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Preset format description > Message


A simple NRPN message handling a negative values

"message": {
   "deviceId": 1,
   "type": "cc7",
   "parameterNumber": 1,
   "lsbFirst": false,
   "twosComplement": true,
   "bitWidth": 7

Change “type” value to “nrpn”.

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Great. Thanks! Will fix it.

The issues were fixed and published. Thanks again!

SysEx implementation > Log message


  • 0x7F Upload data
  • 0x00 Lua Script file


  • 0x7F System call
  • 0x00 Log message

Check the hex values and descriptions