Doesn't work when connected through hama USB 3.0 4-port hub

I have built a small set up with one laptop, the E1 and a few Novation controllers.
The E1 does not work when connected through the hama USB 3.0 hub. That hub is powered and only has 4 ports.
I press on the settings menu, then presets and the touchscreen or the buttons don’t respond.
Everything works fine if I connect the E1 directly to the computer.
I’m on the latest official firmware.
Chances of @martin fixing this are slim I guess :D, but just mentioning in case someone wants to build a similar setup.
I’m using the E1 with another setup in the studio and a USB hub with 16 ports and have no issues there.

This is the hub:

Electra is quite strict in requirements on the power source. It requires steady 5V at around 500mA. If there is a voltage drop (due to the power supply bending down, long cables, etc) it results in the symptoms you described.

OK. I have no way of measuring what the output is, but this is a powered hub delivering 2.5A at 5V and even if the E1 is the only device, it doesn’t work. I can see random parameters being changed/activated as if it was getting MIDI data somehow.

I’ve added a link to the hub in the OP.

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I have tools to check that out. I will order the hub to see what is happening. From this extra description - changing values - it is even more obvious that it is a voltage drop issue. When the voltage is too low, the knob touch chip gives up the first as its internal ADC cannot keep the reference voltage. The second chip to go is the touch IC that controls the capacitive touch panel, with that one it results in “random” touches being detected. Electra then looks like it lives on its own and you cannot control it.

Thanks for reporting!