Electra One MKII Screen Unresponsive To Touch

Nothing seems to respond to touch on the screen.

I tried removing the screen cover (which I really prefer to keep on) to no effect.

Because the bootloader uses touch, I can’t update the firmware if it is a bug.

Hi @adamc,

first off, I am sorry for the inconvenience. The touch sensing chips inside E1 may be affected by not getting enough power or by noise on the USB power supply. Could you try the following?:

  1. connect E1 to different computer or use a wall-charger (500mA)
  2. use a powered USB hub

We test each unit prior shipping. It is actually initially programmed using the standard bootloader procedure. Please contact me if 1) and 2) are not successful or if you need any assistance. If the unit is found faulty, we are ready to ship a replacement.

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It’s unresponsive on:

2 different 2.4A USB A power slots on different power bars
My laptop direct connected USB A (I’ve hooked up a 1.2A external ssd before)
My USB Hub which I believe is rated to 2.1A on each port IIRC
Official iPad 12W charger rated to 2.4A

Given the variety of different sources it’s likely not power related.

please join me on the forum chat. Thanks!

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