E1 on order. Newbie needs advice on routing

Hello and thanks for reading. I apologize if this has been answered or if I overlooked something. I’ve read through the documentation, searched the forum and have read up on “MIDI basics”.

Here are the devices I’d like to connect together:

•	CME X-Key 37 controller keyboard (with MIDI out and USB connectivity)
•	CME X-Key 25 controller keyboard (USB connectivity only)
•	Behringer DeepMind 12D sound module
•	Nord Stage 3 Compact keyboard
•	MacBook Pro

Ideally, the E1 will be able to control the Nord, DeepMind, and the MacBook.

From the documentation, it seems I can connect both CME keyboards through a USB hub and into the E1 host port. I want the CME-37 keyboard to only control the DeepMind and the CME-25 keyboard to only control the MacBook.

I would like my Nord to control the MacBook and DeepMind as well. The Nord itself has a dedicated control panel that can command both of these devices. I would like this dedicated control panel on the Nord to still function after everything’s connected to the E1.

If I connect the MIDI in/out of the Nord to the E1, and also connect the MIDI in/out of the DeepMind to the E1, and connect the 2 CME keyboards to the E1 host port, and connect the E1 main USB port to the MacBook, will everything work as I’ve outlined above (of course, after configuring the E1)?

I’m just trying to figure out how many MIDI cables I’ll need and if I’ll need any MIDI splitter cables or a MIDI junction box.

I hope I’ve made myself clear. I can draw up a diagram with my proposed routing if it will help.

All thoughts and advice welcome!


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Hi @Ricker,

welcome here!

Everything should work as you described except one thing. Currently, you will not be able to use Nord to control the DeepMind. I am, however, extending E1’s routing capabilities these days. When the work is completed, communication between Nord and DeepMind will be possible.



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Thanks, @martin for the quick reply and the welcome!

I thought this may be the case. I’m wondering if this would work so that the Nord’s control panel can also control the DeepMind:

•	Put a MIDI splitter cable on the DeepMind “MIDI in” port
•	Put a MIDI splitter cable on the Nord “MIDI out” port

•	Connect “MIDI out” on the Nord to DeepMind “MIDI in”
•	Connect a “MIDI out” on the E1 to the DeepMind “MIDI in”

•	Connect “MIDI out” on the Nord to a “MIDI in” on the E1

•	Connect “MIDI out” on the DeepMind to a “MIDI in” on the E1

•	Connect “MIDI in” on the Nord to a “MIDI out” on the E1

Of course, configure the E1 routing parameters to hopefully achieve the above.

I hope this makes sense. Again, I can draw a diagram if the above is confusing.

If it will help, it’s not crucial for the E1 to control the Nord or even be connected to it, but the Nord must be able to control the DeepMind.

Any further thoughts or advice?

Much appreciated!