How to disable Program Change switching E1 presets?

Hi to all, every time I send a Program Change through the E1 to reach my MIDI instrument the E1 preset is changed to the next. Any idea how to disable that ? so that only the preset of the instrument is changed ?

Hi! Do you send the program change via the USB host port or USB device?

Currently sending via the MIDI DIN IN 1, but could be via the USB port in the future also.

I tested it, to be sure I see how E1 behaves. Electra listens to program changes (and bank selects) on the USB interface (CTRL port) and on the USB Host port. The program changes sent to MIDI IO (DIN) are not picked up. Are you sure that, by any chance, the program change does not land on the USB interface? Do you initiate the program changes on the synth/midi controller connected only with MIDI DIN?

I change the PC from Logic Pro to a MOTU MIDI DIN interface (which is connected to the Mac via USB) then the MIDI DIN-only path is : MOTU → BCF2000 → E1 (MKI) → synth
Since I’m not sure I totally understood the Configuration page here are the settings I currently have :

I haven’t updated to v3.5 yet. Would you like me to update to confirm the problem is still there or not ?

Hi Martin, did you find a little time to take a look at my Configuration ? Does it show anything meaningful to my problem ?
Also I couldn’t find a field where one can inform a specific Program Change number per E1 preset. Did I miss something or is such a field is indeed not available at the moment ?

I am sorry for being slow in responding.

I see it now. The screenshot helped. Pls change the first routing rule to this:

That way E1 will listen to bank / program changes / custom MIDI control on the CTRL port.

or you can disable that completely by doing this:

Cross means “do not forward”, arrows means “forward the message”.

Thanks. By the way, I couldn’t find in the online documentation an explanation for the use of this “Configuration” page. Could you tell me where I can find it please ?
Also, could you tell me where I can find the field where one can inform a specific Program Change number per E1 preset, unless such a field is not available at the moment maybe ?

Hi guys, while Martin catches up with all our questions would anyone know about my last question ? as to where I can find the field where one can inform a specific Program Change number per E1 preset ? unless this field is not available at the moment maybe ?

given you have your MIDI Control configured like this:

and E1 either did not receive any Bank select MIDI messages or a Bank #0 is selected, a Program Change MIDI message sent to USB CTRL port will switch presets.

EDIT: took a note to add this to the docs

Thanks but my question is how can I determine the Program Change number itself per E1 preset ? For example if I want to call my E1 preset #2 with Program Change #37 is it possible to fill “37” somewhere in the E1 preset ? If yes, where ?

o ok, now I get it.

You can do this:

This will override the default mapping, program change 37 will switch to preset #2. Note, you still need to have the following routing rule in place:

without that the message will not be passed to E1 external MIDI control.

Thanks, that’s what i was looking for. Could you tell me what the “Post Action” Drop/Pass menu is for please ? (again couldn’t find this in the online Documentation)