EDIT - SOLVED (was: USB Midi device no longer works v3.5)

EDIT - I have no idea why it didn’t work after the first update but after loading the v3.5 firmware for the second time, the USB out to the TX-6 now works as expected. Leaving this up in case anybody else has a similar problem, but if the moderator prefers to remove this message I understand of course.

Original message:
Just updated to v3.5 from v3.3.2. I noticed after updating the Teenage Engineering TX-6 I have connected via the E1 USB port no longer responds to MIDI CC messages, e.g. master volume (see spec, Ch 7 CC7). When I downgrade to v3.3.2 it works again so the TX-6 is configured for reception of MIDI.
The MIDI port out to my Octatrack still works as expected on v3.5.

Do I need to change the config of the E1 in any way to get CC over USB out to work again?