Electra One Power Supply

Hi there, what is the correct power supply for the Electra MKII?

I do not want to use a laptop on live situations so I want to find a oroper power supply.

I tried a 5v 500mA and it wouldnt load all the way and it scared me and then plugged to my laptop it works.

Do you know anything about this issue? It would turn on and load and then reset the loading bar and go over and over.

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Just because it says 500mA doesn’t mean it is as there’s varying levels of quality.

Higher current values provide more headroom and you usually can’t go wrong with an ipad charger for various usb devices.


Electra requires up to 500mA current. The power supply must keep stable 5V voltage at that current. If the voltage drops, the controller will restart or you might experience problems with LCD/Pot touch sensing.

A quality wall charger with 500mA+ should do the job. Of course, as @adamc mentioned, extra headroom guarantees stability of the voltage.

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