Elektra one white screen

I haven’t turned on the electra for half a year and yesterday after turning it on, a white screen appeared. hard reset and uploading new firmware doesn’t help. what could it be?

Hey I had recovered mu unit with @martin his help.

you can try:

  1. and then upload:
    uitoolkit-1.0.0.syx.zip (206.7 KB)

If it does not work wait for @martin

Use MidiOx or something similar to upload the file to the MIDI3 port. It is best to do this as the first action after the controller boots up. Once, uploaded - restart the controller. If it went ok, you should see the fonts and the splash screen graphics.
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hi, white screen or flickering screen suggests issue with power. computer or hub not delivering enough or a cable being too long or having too much resistance. I am away from my computer. I will reach you tomorrow.

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i used C6 to upload sysex - unfortunately no success. it’s not a power issue - I checked with different cables and power supplies (5v)

any other solution Martin?

ohh, I send you an email asking for date-time when we could look at that together. Please check it out and let me know. We will have to review the controller to see what is happening. Doing it here would result in too many messages posted. Thx!

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