Elektron's Syntakt preset

here is preset for the Syntakt: Elektron’s Syntakt

Because there are 12 tracks on the Syntakt, it would take 12 midi channels if not using the “auto” channel functionality. That’s why I did it that way: you can control only the current track on the Syntakt. (Set your “auto” midi channel accordingly.)


  • 1st page is displaying the Machine and the filter parameters. There are also 12 pads to request the tracks
  • 2nd page is displaying the amp, the fx and the LFOs parameters
  • how to use the “request” pads:
  • just hit the track’s pad you want, but be aware that it must be the active one on the Syntakt, otherwise it will not display the good values but the ones of another track. Therefore, values won’t match. (I would have prefer a one pad solution, but there is no way to know, sysex wise, which track is active on the Syntakt…)
  • what happened when requesting a track:
  • like for any request, it will request the current values on the hardware
  • it will check which “machine” is used and change the layout accordingly
  • on page 1:
  • the “machine” group will be renamed: “MACHINE - machine type (digital, analog or analog cymbal) - machine name”
  • the group inside the machine’s group will display the sound name
  • the “track” group will be renamed by the track name: TRACK 1, TRACK 2, and so on
  • on page 2 (lower part, left):
  • 3 groups will give you similar informations: machine type / machine name / sound name / track name

FYI: Hidden pages are used as controls stock pages since the different machines used different type of parameters with different formats.
Have fun.


Wait! Slight off-topic, sorry for that – but are the Request messages a feature on all Elektrons? The Octatrack has CC #61 (or was it 49? :smiley: ), but I wasn’t aware this is available on any other Elektron device.

Is there a way to request all at once, or only one track at a time?

Hi @sjo,
nothing straight forward. I did dig a lot to find informations on several sites, but nothing is documented by Elektron. Everything is in Sysex, and I had to test each parameter one by one to find the corresponding byte(s) in the Sysex array. Here are my sources:

Regarding the request for all tracks at once, it’s possible to do it, there is an option in Sysex to request the pattern. Nonetheless I did it per track because it was way lighter in term of data transmission. For instance, there are about 415 bytes as a response for an Analog 4 track, but more than 3K for a pattern. A lot of useless information for the E1, and it takes time to get the feedback.

Have a nice day.