Is it possible to tweak the encoders' turn friction?

It seems that two of the knobs on my E1 are much easier to turn than the other 8. I’d compare these two to NI KompleteKontrol’s or Push2’s knobs. The remaining ones are noticeably harder to turn, to the point where it feels weird that I have to apply that much force to go from 0 to 100.

Are those tunable? I was doing a recording today and noticed my automation is skewed because encoders 3 and 4 are just so much easier to turn than the other ones and I didn’t adopt to that yet.

I was curious about your comment, and tested it on my E1. I subjectively think all my knows move with the same effort, and all my knobs would move from 0 to max with ~1.1 rotations or so (measured following the Allen key hole).

I know some controllers would adapt based on the rotation strength, but right now I get a very responsive feedback from E1 - might that be some sort of artifact from the preset you’re using?

There are two different things. The first one is the physical friction of the pot. It was tweaked at the design time together with the manufacturer. It cannot be adjusted once the pot is made. I twist the knobs on all units prior to the shipping to see if the torque is even. I can imagine that I could miss something or other person can be more sensitive. We had a few cases like that and users later reported that the torque evened out after a bit of using. If you felt the difference is too much or did not want to wait, ping me on PM to arrange a replacement.

Second thing is the software part, it sets the sensitivity of the pot based on the number of distinct values of the control and the speed of turning. Both, sensitivity and the acceleration can be adjusted. Right now, the settings is general for all Electras, but it is possible to customize that in the future.

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Yeah, it’s definitely the physical feeling in place here. I’m trying to figure what would be an objective way to measure it: insofar I just asked my spouse and she identified one of those as noticeably looser :slight_smile:

I’ll give it some time to settle then and see if it gets any better.

Maybe not right thread for my remark, but as Martin mentioned the software part of this topic it is at least not complete off-topic. First thing I did with my new Electra One was to set up some 14 bit controls and I found the actual configuration regarding sensitivity and acceleration very usable.

But I would also love to see a way to adjust those individually per knob in the future. Right now you have to be careful to not turn the knob too fast, because then the result will include steps again. Without the acceleration you could have something like 10-turn-pots.


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