SE-02 PRESET now completely ready

Hi, it took some time to finish it, but the Roland SE-02 has now gotten its 4th and hopefully final version..
It should now be able to deal completely with live situations :slight_smile:
It was quite complex to make, because not only the SysEx implementation wasn’t documented, I had also to deal with values that were different when sent via SysEx as opposed to being sent via CC.
The SysEx world and the MidiCC world are now glued together via Virtual controls.
Now every patch is not only parsed, but the sync between the hardware and the Electra One is kept bidirectionally.
Two more changes that took more effort than anticipated: the LFO /Delay Sync (1 switch on the SE-02) is split in two pads on the E1, and for the keytracking I did the inverse: the two buttons of the SE-02 have become 1 selection list on the E1.
And yes, I overhauled some sections again in the process, because I found them not intuitive enough.
I still wonder if it wouldn’t be better to move all menu hidden features in a separate page to lighten up the modulation page GUI.

@moullinex @oldgearguy @markus.schloesser @martin Thanks for the input and advice along the way


@Newignis. Nice effort man. Well done.