Envelopes freezing in firmware 3.1.7

I’m having problems with multiple ADDSR envelopes freezing in a preset.

  1. I tap on the envelope detail window
  2. adjust the envelope
  3. close the window
  4. open another envelope detail window
  5. E1 freezes


I also noticed that ADDSR envelopes are missing from the beta web app. Is this related?

Update: Tested on firmware 3.1, and it seems to be okay.


I added that to my todo. I am sorry for not releasing updates recently - I have decided to make a bigger change to the mkI firmware as part of the work on the mkII. The reason is to apply new knowledge and ideas I gained recently when working on the mkII firmware. That change will make both firmwares even more compatible and should result in improved stability.

If you click on the envelope in left sidebar, a selection of all envelope variants will show up. I am trying to find a way to have more controls/variants available without having a long scrollable list.


Hey Martin, I know you’re really focused on the MKII right now, but it would be great if you could fix this bug first when you get around to the next firmware update. I think I got everything working on my last preset that I wanted to (except for reading that 4K Sysex dump that contains the entire user bank, but that’s only a nice to have), but this one’s a blocker, as I can’t adjust more than one envelope before freezing and I can’t roll back to an earlier firmware. I suspect such a bug will be a problem for a lot of users.


Just replicated that using your preset. I am going to work on it now. I want to release a new version of firmware tonight. I will try to get fix for this problem in it.

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Hi @urbanspaceman, pls check both (envelope and 4K sysex) in the latest 3.2 firmware. It went out yesterday. I verified - using your preset - that issue with envelope is gone. And I am also able to process whole 81z bank. Let me know if it works for you too. Thanks!

Thanks so much Martin, I hope SuperBooth went well and thanks for looking at this straight away. I will get back to it in the next couple of days.

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Thanks for working through those bugs, everything is working now.
TX81Z preset
Update: I think I found some new bugs, however. I’ll get back to you.
Update: Nope, my mistake, it was errors in my code.

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This sounds like the issue I just posted about: ADSR hangs and then freezes

But my unit is brand new and running Controller-v3.5 firmware.