E1 stuck on logo screen

Hello @martin my E1 won’t get pass the logo screen with HW and build info.

I’m not sure what happen. I was editing a preset and the E1 froze when I sent it to the E1. I reset the E1 and turned it back on and it continues to stay on the logo screen. I did the reset from the documentation. I tried to downgrade to 1.4 and to 1.5 as well and it still won’t get pass the logo screen. Is there anything you can do to help? Here is the log and preset I was editing.

E1 Crash Log.pdf (92.9 KB)
Waldorf Kyra Editor.epr (146.3 KB)

Going to 0.9.12 gets pass the logo screen, but trying to go back to 1.5 still won’t get pass the logo screen

I would try:

  • reset the E1, pushing the switch at the back (right)
  • looking in the MacOS System if there ia „Composite device“ on the USB Port
  • trying install FW 1.5 via ElectraConsoleOne
  • if the Update crashes, try it on a different computer (macOS), that helped me with assistance from Martin (great support !) to bring my E1 back to live.
    There is a „switchon-push button startr“ with a behaviour not loading a preset , see somewhere at the forum.

I figured it out. I did the delete option on this post Deleting presets from the Electra One?

@Klangschmied thanks for trying to assist.

@martin can you see what is wrong with that preset file because I can’t load it back up. It still makes it crash. I’d hate to have to start over I was almost done with it. LOL

Finally got it to load! It seems like it was something on Page 7-12 that was stopping it from loading to the E1. I removed everything from those page and it loaded back up.

Hi @jigdagod!

I cannot test it right now, most likely later today. But I assume I can use the preset you attached to your original post to replicate the problem.

Will review what is happening there.

No problem. Thank you.