File Transfer Failed / is only possible only for very small presets

Hi, just got my new Electra One. It is connected to the the Editor via Google Chrome/Ubuntu 20.04/Lenovo T440s. I have the following issues:

(negligible issue): There is no connection indicator at the top right corner as stated in the documentary. However there is a message that the Electra One is connected.

(minor issue): I can’t send any presets to the Electra One from the preset view, it always says “File Transfer Failed”. It only works when I open the editor and send it from there.

(major issue): But unfortunately it only works for presets with about 15 items. I did not manage to load the CC Demo for instance.

Hi Christoph,

There is an issue on Linux with transfers of sysex messages longer than 4096 bytes (standard memory page size) due to the buffer size. It seems to be a limitation in the ALSA driver.

It can be overcome by increasing the size of the buffer so that the sysex message fits in it.

Please try following:

sudo modprobe snd_seq_midi output_buffer_size=262144

and just to be sure, restart your Chrome after the command is issued. And try to transfer a preset.

Let me know if it helped. Cheers,


Hi Martin and thanks for the fast reply!

After also doing sudo rmmod snd_seq_midi, which you recommended elsewhere, it works now as expected. Great!


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