Finding 30 year old bugs....Thanks Electra One!

Ignorance is Bliss.
The SY85 is the perfect synthesizer. At least that’s what I thought for 30 years :slight_smile:

I was doing the sysex parsing and noticed the LFO phase (which you can set from 0 to 180) only has 7 bit reserved for it in a sysex bulk dump. Clearly not enough. Am I missing something? Could I be crazy? (Different discussion really) Lets put it to the the test.

Send a patch over sysex to the PC with LFO phase set to 144. Now send it back. What will it be?


(144-128). DOH!

So my SY85 needs an update! Wonder if Yamaha ever fixed it (synth from a time where updates require ROM replacements) Thanks Electra One. Clearly my SY85 has now become totally useless after finding this bug! :smiley:

(Btw: setting LFO phase on E1 via “normal” parameter sysex works as expected)