Firmware 1.1.6

A bugfix release based on the feedback from all of you. I recommend updating.

The major thing was disabled MIDI IO IN. I disabled the module when debugging another part of the firmware - and did not run full test. My apologize to everybody.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .


  • Sysex parameters numbers can now go from up to full 14-bit number
  • MIDI learn handles SysEx messages correctly
  • Full screen fader is more narrow now to allow reaching min and max values easier
  • And well, MIDI IO IN enabled again

Thanks to @dr_funk, @buyallthecontrollers for verifying that the defects were fixed. @razmusen for the input on the fader.


Hey @martin !
An firmware update RSS or mail newsletter would be cool!


You can subscribe (“watch”) to the release category here and will get an email if there’s a new release (that’s what I do)

We will add info about the availability of the new firmware in the app. it means you will also know if you are up to date.

And as @markus.schloesser mentioned, the category can be watched. You should get notified then.


Btw I love the new preset page design, much better than before!