Repro 5

My first work in progress, everything seems to be working once I installed the Repro Beta (for Big Sur). Having some trouble getting the Octave switches to work, and there is an additional situation where the LFO RATE button changes to TIME BASE when you activate the HOST SYNC button on Repro 5, not sure how to deal with that on the Electra.

The Matrix buttons only currently work on the modulation depth, on Repro there is a huge menu with multiple sub menus, this might be a case where it is too complicated and would be best to change on the software itself.


Very cool :sunglasses: :blush:
Would you mind sharing your midi learn configuration from repro?

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Sharing would be great!

I promise I will share this when it is a bit more worthy! Right now I am still very new to this, and learning some basic tricks- for instance on Repro the oscillator frequency knob is shown as 12 thru +12, but when you adjust it directly on the Repro knob you get see the value going up/down 0.20 at a time; so I had to change the Electra One control to -60 thru +60. All the other knobs seem to be straight integer values. I had the Octave selector working fine previously, but now it doesn’t, not sure why. The LFO Rate knob works fine, but when you activate Host Sync, the LFO Rate become “Time Base,” with about 16 selections. I can’t seem to get that to work properly either.

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I had the same thing when mapping various softsynths (Arturia Jun-V6, Jup-8, Knifonium and some others). The only solution I found was to have two rate controls. One for the unsynced version and one for the synced version. The unsynced version is just a regular fader, the synced version is a list with all values. It’s a bit tedious to make the list; initially I just put in a fader and whenever the value changed in the softsynth while turning the knob I’d note that value and description. But the last one I did I just calculated what the values would probably be and then tweaked the ones that weren’t correct.

You can check my presets to see my interpretation. And it works fine. The thing is that on the synths I mapped they are really separate parameters. You can assign different CC’s to either and control them even when they are not visible. You can play with an unsynced rate and in the background change the value for the synced one. This might even be a positive thing for live tweaking.

Might I suggest implementing the cutoff frequency as 14bit midi for higher precision. I’ve done that for my diva preset

OK, I have implemented the two separate controls for LFO Rate and Time Base. I will make it public and see what you all think…!

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Everything is now working properly except for the 23 selections for “Time Base,” I will hopefully get this fixed.

Edit: Fixed, thanks to Martin’s help!.


Could you please share your midi learn config? Or have you done this already? Cannot find it :innocent:

Sorry to be such a MIDIdiot, but how do I create one? :astonished:

(Using Logic Pro X)

Repro itself creates one when mapping stuff, iirc you can find the location in repro’s settings. It’s called something like “midi assign.txt”. As I use windows, I don’t know where to find it on a Mac

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OK, is this it?

(Attachment com.u-he.Repro-5.midiassign.txt is missing)

Ack! I can’t seem to upload a .txt file, and even if I change the file type to something permitted, it won’t let me upload it???

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This is it! :slight_smile: Thanks for looking.
There should also be one for Repro-1 (I think)
@martin could you please enable uploading of txt files here, or even preferably directly on the presets website?


Just added .txt extension to the list of approved file types.


OK, here we go again:

com.u-he.Repro-5.midiassign.txt (5.7 KB)

And thanks again for making me aware of this. There is a similar file for Repro-1, but I never created an Electra One preset for it, so I am not sure if this would be useful?

com.u-he.Repro-1.midiassign.txt (3.6 KB)

Thank you!

It is useful, when the mapping is identical, one can just use the same Electra preset for both.
Update: I see that the assignments are not identical (cutoff 42 and 41). So worst case scenario, the cutoff from the electra will move the resonance on the repro1 (simple fix by relearning)