Firmware 1.2

I am very happy to announce firmware 1.2. This time it brings new features and a number of bugfixes for issues spotted by users. I definitely recommend updating.

The documentation has been updated, new features are marked with the “new” label. Details can be found at Electra One online documentation

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .


  • Pages can be now quickly previewed and switched with the [Menu] button and knob touch combo

  • 6 preset banks have been added, increasing the number of presets to 72 instead of 12

  • Fader and List detail windows can be now “locked”. Unlocked windows disappear immediately after changing the value. Locked windows stay open until they are closed by the user.

  • Fader and List detail window allow changing the value with the knob that is assigned to the original control. Note, value changes made with knobs are also subject to window locking.

  • MIDI IO Thru function can be configured with a config file

  • Faders with overlay texts have been visually adjusted to look better

  • Switching off now requires holding Menu button down and clicking Section 3 button after 2 secs.

  • underscore is correctly handled in the texts

  • preset name can be placed anywhere in the JSON file

  • CTRL SysEx messages fixed, documentation updated accordingly

  • Performance of MIDI routing and value updates improved

This time a very special thank you goes to @thetechnobear. He discovered many flaws, reported them, and kept me very busy :slight_smile: Further thanks to @jigdagod, @markus.schloesser, @four_corners, @Foppe for suggesting new features.

I will take a break from coding and will use the coming days for answering all questions related to presets, synths, SysEx parsing, and feature requests. I could not find time to answer them properly, I will do that now.



I love the new editions. The preset banks are nice! 72 will hold me for awhile, but I’ll still keep campaigning for more. :grin:

Putting the E1 to sleep doesn’t work.


oh sorry, I forgot to mention that. I had to adjust that due to the page browsing. To switch Electra off, press and hold the Menu button and after say 2 seconds press the Section 3 button. Subsequent pressing of the Menu button will bring it to life again.

Will update the documentation too.


excellent stuff … I like the new lock option on lists.

ah, thats how you do it… cool stuff.
great improvement, means I don’t accidentally turn off the E1 when im ‘slow on the menu’ :slight_smile:

btw: forgot to say, I really do love how quick n’ easy it is to update the E1’s firmware

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Great job. I’m happy about the sleep function :slight_smile: and very happy about the quick pages navigation :slight_smile:

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didn’t even know that the electra had a sleep mode, I always pulled the cable and was slowly starting to worry what that might do to it. So thanks!


Thanks @martin. Works like a charm. @thetechnobear said it right. The firmware update has to be one of the best I’ve ever used.

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Hi, how can I change the names of the banks?

currently, the bank names can be updated by uploading config file manually. We will add some a config editor to the at some point.

For now, if you want to rename the banks do following:

  • Go to
  • Select “Config” radio button
  • Paste the contents ofthe following file presetbanks.cfg (563 Bytes) to the text field
  • Adjust the names as you wish by overwriting texts BANK #n with yours
  • Press the Upload button

Hi Martin, I couldn’t find where it is explained how to configure this MIDI thru. Would you have a link please ?

Hi Paul,

please do following:

  1. visit

  2. click on “Config” (selector above the input text field)

  3. copy and paste the configuration file (shown below) to the input text field

  4. click upload


We will add a more user friendly tool to configure Electra in near future, this is the way for now.


Thanks ! (although my name is Phil) Very nice, however is this me or this goes away if I pull the plug of the E1 and switch it on again and I have to proceed with this “upload” again ? If expected it would be greatly appreciated to have the MIDI thru set “until further action”…

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Hi Phil, sorry for using a wrong name - I think I’ve done it for the second time actually :slight_smile:

The configuration is persistent and it should stay in your Electra even if you switch it off. I just tested on mine, and it worked.

Please have Electra One connected to your computer and do following;

  • start electraOneConsole app
  • clear the log window by hitting the “Clear log” button
  • restart the controller by clicking the “Reset” button
  • after Electra boots up and the preset is shown on the screen, click the “Export log file” button and send me the contents.

This way, I will be able to see, if the config was read correctly and MIDI routing set up.


Log sent to your email !

Great, I have sent you adjusted firmware. Please let me know if ot works.