Firmware 2.1.7

The firmware 2.1.7 is available for the download.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page

This release is a collection of bug fixes and feature requests collected recently. The release includes changes of the web application as well.

Changelog :

  • Add possibility to configure USB Host assignments on the app Configuration page.
  • Make it possible to define the default control set per preset page. ie. users can say what control set will be active when page is shown.
  • Make it possible to recall last active control set per page. ie. pages keep info about what the last active control set was.
  • Fix issue of a system freeze when presets are switched with external MIDI control
  • Make sure the external MIDI control works for both USB MIDI CTRL port and the USB HOST CTRL port.

Presets that are using a new Default control set feature will not load correctly to with older versions of firmware. Please make sure you update to 2.1.7 to stay compatible. If you wanted to stay on older version and use such presets, please contact Martin.

An updated Configuration page:

A Default control set of a Page:


Hi Martin,

thanks for the update. Installation went flawless.

I’ll go through my previous (unsolved) bug reports one by one, review them with the new firmware and reply on them in their thread instead of here, to avoid having the same topic discussed in different threads, if that is okay for you.


Is there any nice way I can collect/download the current documentation so it can be read off-line?

The main reason for asking is that much of the ElectraOne site is not available to me during the day (enough said about that) and without access to the docs, it makes it more difficult to respond to things that pop up.

Having it collected and off-line makes it something that can be emailed/ftp’d as needed.


I have problems upgrading to 2.1.7, I’m coming from 2.1.6.

After I send the file to the nothing happens, besides the hangs and the console app going into update mode.


and After