Freeze when twisting knobs on "Handling Simple CC" template

Here’s a simple way to freeze the device:

  • load the template “Handling Simple CC” to the device
  • only have a power connection to the device (quit chromium with access to the device, don’t have a DAW open accessing the device …, USB is fine if no software is accessing the device)
  • press the left-middle knob to switch control to the “LUA CONTROLLED” and “JSON CONTROLLED” knobs
  • twist both knobs for some seconds
  • after about 10 seconds, the knob movements should stop being displayed and freeze
  • click the left-bottom button, the focus will switch one more time
  • the device stops reacting to any knob movement or button press, only reset will help

Weirdly, this doesn’t happen with the debugger via chromium connected to the device.

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Hi @Mint-Gecko, you are giving me a hard time :slight_smile: But it is good, let clean these things up. What operating system are you using? I am able to replicate this in MacOS/IpadOS. On Windows and wall-charge it works ok.

On MacOS, it starts working as soon as any type of MIDI processing app is started and consumes the data from the queue. E1 detects that whether or not it is connected to a USB host and the USB function is initialized when the connection is successfully established. Then it expects all USB packets transfers to be confirmed by the host. I will adjust that so that it does not wait forever and will abort the transfer on after some time out.


Hi @martin, thanks for looking into this! This happened on Linux with the JACK server not accessing MIDI devices (because this is what Bitwig wants). That’s when I realized that the freeze happens when Bitwig isn’t there and if Bitwig is accessing the device, the freeze doesn’t happen.

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yup, the fix is already staged to be released. E1 will abort USB transfers when host does not respond in reasonable time period. I am now looking at that other things reported.

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