Twisting two knobs continously freezes

When twisting two knobs at the same time, I often see its screen control freezing (and possibly its MIDI output, too). Although this sounds very similar to this thread, it actually isn’t since this one is not about the device freezing but a specific screen control not updating. To reproduce:

  • load the default preset
  • select the first or second page
  • twist two knobs from the upper row (I used knob 1 and 2, but it also happens with other knobs)
  • twist the knobs continously for about 30s
  • at some point, you should see the control of one or the other freeze for roughly 1-2 seconds

This is happening on Win 10 with E1 mkII firmware 3.5.4. It doesn’t matter if a DAW like REAPER is open or not.