Generative sequencer preset

I tried to make a video about my new preset…

and it looks like I made some sort of streaming with a chat. I am not good in those things :slight_smile:

The preset shows what the latest v3.5.4 on mk2 can do. Besides the sequencer itself, MKS-50 preset is used to tweak the sound while the sequencer preset is running on the background.

I am still working on the preset. It will be shared with the community very soon.


Impressive, you probably need a second camera to focus on the display. But I’m not good at such stuff either. :blush:

This brings yet another mode of using the Mk2, where you effectively change live between synths and sequencers.

What is the matrix key device connected to it? What critical role does it play in the set up?

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It is a Launchpad mini. It just replicates the grid on the screen. The preset can run without it. It just feels more convenient to use physical pads. The E1 preset re-programs the Launchpad to do the job.

I wanted to show that a preset can talk to devices connected to the USB host. It could be interesting for other stuff (eg @jhh’s ableton or @moss’es bitwig presets). With a few extra functions in Lua, it would be quite easy to create presets to integrate external controllers to E1.

Well , I have an old BCR2000 looking for being integrated to the E1 workflow :slight_smile:
But it should be generic. In other words , the BCR2000 should take over, or whatever the page is showing on the E1, or a specific page that is temporarily dedicated to the BCR2000, just like you seem to do with the Launch Pad

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The preset is public now. Please note there is still a lot do and improve. It is really meant to show that E1 presets can do quite complex tasks. I am still busy with improving timing, saving of pattern data, and thinking about how to support external controllers.

Generative Sequencer Preset

And again, you can use it only with v3.5.4 on mk2. Older versions and mk1 will run into problems. We will tackle this (version checking before sending presets to the controller in the editor) soon.


Very nice Preset - thanks a lot! and to be honest: it’s the first time that i realised, that we are not bound to the 6x8 Standard Matrix and that we can assign the Knobs as ever we want. That opens up a lot of possibilities :smiley:

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The original goal of the preset was to:

  1. have something complex to throughfully test Lua in v3.5.4
  2. show some more dynamic preset layout and think about how to tackle it in Lua

Regarding the latter I am still not convinced I found the most optimal way to manage the user interface, but it definitely brought some ideas. I can imagine that the firmware would build some of the objects/tables automatically. Just to save repetitive boilerplate work.


Super nice and inspiring :wink:

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I played some time with the Seqencer and my Deluge and it is super fun! But i faced some issues. After a time, the Buttons seam to freeze, at least i can’t start/stop anymore or open the pages. Touchdisplay and the squencer are still working tough.

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I will take a look at that. I had it running for whole night several times and I always found it running fine in the morning.

Do you use internal clock or external MIDI clock?

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i used internal clock. but happy to test it with a external clock

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