Pop-up piano keys

The more I use the E1, the more I want to be in front of it for extended edits/patch selection.
I find myself wanting to either look for a new patch to edit (using Program Change commands then retrieving the data) or testing out my edits (moving over to a sequencer/keyboard/synth to play some notes).

It would be cool if there was a simple pop-up (maybe via holding button F6 and tapping F4, kind of like the screen saver gesture) that brought up a simple 1 octave set of piano keys with octave up/down buttons and a close box. The 12 knobs could map to the chromatic notes in the octave (simple 1->12, C->B) and you could trigger notes on the current MIDI channel and interface by turning a knob or touching keys on the screen.

We can currently dedicate a page to a clumsy graphic of square pads kind of like keys, but I would find it useful not to change pages during an editing session. For example, if I’m adjusting the filter or modulation amounts, it would be nice to just pop up a window, trigger a few notes to hear the change while I’m right in front of the E1, then go back to editing.