How to set up Electra to control Repro in Logic

Hi all. I’m very new to this so pardon my ignorance. I am trying to set up the Electra One to control Repro in Logic. I have downloaded a Repro patch from the presets but cant seem to get it controlling Repro in Logic. Can someone help pointing out the basics in setting something like this up in logic thanks.

Which one did you download?
In addition to the Electra preset, you need to tell repro what cc is where. So if you downloaded marzz (iirc) preset, you’ll find a thread here which contains a “repro midi assignment” text file, which you’ll need to save to the correct location, so that repro uses it.

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Ah ok right. I see Repro and other U-he synths and Macs have some odd behaviour. I will check the thread out. Thanks

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I downloaded the only one I saw in the presets section on the website.