High frequenty tone [SOLVED]

Hello to the wonderful community!

When the Electra 1 is plugged into the USB cable, the screen emits a high-frequency sound that is very audible, similar to tinitus. Have tried plugging directly into the PC and have also tried different power supplies and cables.
No improvement.
Do you guys have similar problems?

It’s there on boot-up.

It’s not that loud to me but hard to tell how high my hearing extends. I can hear it very clearly if I put my ear next to the screen (say 15cm away) in a normal quiet room with computer fan.

However, forcing the E1 to sleep and then waking it up fixes it! @martin

I’m running the latest 2.0.6B firmware.

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Thank you axelf. Actually works. Am deeply grateful to you. Now the tinitus may strike again due to age.

Using the new settings in the last beta firmware: put the brightness up, and the high tone sound will vanish.

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@Richard Thank you. Still have the 1.5 version on it. Will test the current one.

The latest firmware 2.1.0 (made available today) provides a neat solution for hardware revisions 2.2 and later. You can use the Settings page to adjust the brightness to eliminate the noise. I am working on a firmware adjustment that would make it possible to fix for hardware revision 2.1 too.

The hardware revision 2.0 should not suffer from the issue as it does not use the brightness control. The funny part here is that I am probably too deaf and old to hear it when I am testing Electras after the assembly :slight_smile:

@AlexanderKoch I do believe you have 2.1, so the future fix will work for you. If you had 2.0, please reach me on the chat or PM.

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I made some tweaks to the backlight PWM as part of the fixing another issue related to the LCD brightness control. It would be great If anybody who had the issue with high frequency tone/noise could check firmware 2.1.4. Thanks.

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Hi Martin.
For my unit it seems to work fine. I can’t change the brightness, but the tone/noise is gone. GREAT!
Thank you for fixing the issue!



High frequency tone seems gone :+1: