Holding [SECTION 3] does not switch to previous param on envelope control [SOLVED]

Holding [SECTION 3] does not switch to the previous parameter on an envelope control as expected. The control stays on the delay parameter instead.

@urbanspaceman I am a little bit confused here. By “delay” you mean the “decay”? I just tried ADSR and ADR envelopes, I was able to swicth next/prev envelope value without problems. The DX7 envelope does not have this feature yet. I am still thinking there how to visualize the active value there - DX7 uses rates and levels.

Could you elaborate your issue a little bit more or share a preset where you are experiencing it?


Yes, I meant ‘decay’. The highlight advances when you press [section 2] or [section 3], but when you press [section 3] only the decay adjusts left and right on the envelope diagram.

Great. Understood and replicated. Will be fixed in 1.3.2. Thanks for reporting!

Fixed in firmware 1.3.2