Help on bidirectional MIDI & devices

bidirectional MIDI is working only when the control is assign to Generic Midi not when using a device setting on the same channel and port… Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss an information?

For instance, this setting is not working (no feedback on the E1 from my Digitone):

But this one is working:

Same port, same channel… I really don’t get it at all.


Anyone? @martin ? A clue?


Hi @filpal, you have two devices configured to the same port and channel. In such a case, both devices send messages out without any problem, but only the first device receives the incoming messages. This behavior is expected. I do not want to impose restrictions on configuring several devices on the same port-channel for outgoing messages or Lua processing. At the same time, due to performance reasons, I want only one device to be the data sink for incoming MIDI.


Sorry to jump on this, but I’m having a hard time too to get a grasp of the various I/O routings on the E1.

IMHO, if time permits, the manual - which is great overall - would benefit to have a schematics or matrix table of the E1 data flow, depending on the settings (global or into a panel controls) and the USB ports software name.

So far, I’m using the internal routing abilities of Cubase to rechannelize the electra one output to the right MIDI port and channel, depending on the target machine to edit.
Also, a MIDI matrix setting page on the E1 could be useful to define what’s going in and out, and on which port(s) (with real-time events monitoring and filtering). That could help panel development and avoid MIDI loops as well.


JMK Music Pedals has a new 4x4 matrix MIDI utility box that could be inspirational:

Such utility profile would sit nicely in the Electra Mini factory arsenal.

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