How to stop control from resetting to default value when pot is double-tapped?

I am developing a E1 preset that uses a double tap action (custom implemented using the onPotTouch event handler) on an E1 pot to send a sysex command equivalent to “please reset to your default value” to remote software (VCVRack) to reset the controlled target parameter to its default value (whatever that default value is, unknown to E1).
I have got all that working now which is cool.

But E1 is also resetting its own controller value (it looks like it is setting the MIDI value to 0). None of the controls in my preset have displayed value min / max / default set, and the MIDI min/max is 0->64535 (14 bit). Is there some way of stopping an E1 control from triggering a reset - to- default action when its pot is double-tapped ?

      "id": 2,
      "type": "fader",
      "mode": "unipolar",
      "visible": true,
      "variant": "thin",
      "name": "THIN FADER",
      "color": "FFFFFF",
      "bounds": [
      "pageId": 1,
      "controlSetId": 1,
      "inputs": [
          "potId": 1,
          "valueId": "value"
      "values": [
          "message": {
            "type": "nrpn",
            "deviceId": 1,
            "lsbFirst": false,
            "resetRpn": true,
            "parameterNumber": 0,
            "min": 0,
            "max": 16383
          "id": "value"

Hi @martin . My VCVRack preset + custom VCVRack module development is going really well (e.g. it can now automap all the modules in a VCVrack patch in one click). Hope to share it soon here.

But I am still stuck with E1’s own double-tap behaviour interfering with my custom handler. The interference is sufficiently annoying to really affect the overall usability (controls keep resetting to 0 MIDI value). I would really appreciate some ideas on how to resolve this. Either be able to override E1’s own double pot tap behaviour with alternative custom logic (e.g., an pages.onPotDoubleTap() - preferred), or do not reset to default if the control does not have a default value set (shows blank in the patch editor). Thanks!

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Cool. I was at one point considering to develop something like this to connect the E1 to VCV. Nice you have actually done it!

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Hi I am busy with the v3.7. That release will bring three major changes:

  1. support for presets for MIDI controllers. It will allow mapping of E1 commands to the external hardware.
  2. support for custom configuration of E1 hardware buttons.
  3. zero-configuration automapping of knobs on external controller to E1 on-screen controls.

the above work is focused on making it possible to extend E1 hardware with 3rd party products and allow customizations. I have already decided to add a few more configuration options that are in line with it. eg, control over the (lcd) long touch, knob touch + left side buttons combos. And I included the option to enable/disable/configure the double-tap. The v3.7 will definitely bring it on the controller configuration level. Later on, I will make it possible to override and manage the configuration from the preset Lua.

I am currently travelling and a bit limited in what I can do. I will upload v3.7 beta to as soon as I am back in the workshop and it feels good enough for testing.