Is there a quick way to reset the CC value to its "default"?

Loving the E1. However, I am curious as to if I can do the following (noob here, apologies). E.g., when I map a fader to the frequency of some filter and I “perform” with it, is there a way (e.g., ideally I would love to do it by tapping the rotary knob) to reset to its default value?

Example: I set my filters default value to 63/127. I operate the filter frequency and I am now at a stage of my performance that I need it to go back to its original value. Currently I just do it manually (with not great precision) trying to eyeball the 63 value.

Hi @Llorgos ,

It’s being considered, and there is a workaround by using a script.

Have a look here: Double tap a knob to toggle a button (or reset a value)

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Thank you. Seems too complicated for me though. I do not understand it since both I and the OP of the Double tap a knob to toggle a button (or reset a value) ask for a fader but the preset there has a simple button.

A bit hard to understand all this :s

The double-tap on the screen will reset the control to its default value. I am very hesitant to enable the same behaviour on the knobs. I fear it would trigger the reset accidentally very frequently. As mentioned elsewhere, the v3.7 brings an option to override functions assigned to the hardware buttons. I can imagine that we could add this at later stage when the reset would be triggered with a combo-action of the hardware button and the touch on the knob.