How would you consider the distance between the encoders?

I noticed that whenever I get to turn any encoder I’m being extra careful about not touching its neighbors, and yet I always do. It’s usually not enough to actually twist anything I didn’t expect by accident but it still provides some negative tactile feedback.

Not sure if I’m just overly fat-fingered (the 5th position on a violin does give me a lot of trouble), but I also compared E1 to my existing controllers and here’s what I noticed.

NI’s Komplete Kontrol has the exact same distance between the encoders but KK’s are couple mm slimmer.

Korg nanoKontrol2’s encoders are both slimmer and a 3 mm further apart than E1’s.

I’m just curious in general if that’s me alone with this kind of issue or other people notice it too. I guess a new hw revision that spaces the knobs apart would be a mess at that changes all the dimensions, but maybe going for slimmer knobs could be a good alternative?


I had a good discussion about that at the superbooth with a few people. It seems there are people who like knobs currently used and there are people who would prefer conic and less “sharp” knobs.

I was playing around with knobs that are used on the NI Maschine MK1 and I liked that. The knob touch needs slightly more sensitive calibration for the plastic. If I am able to source good quality knobs like that, I will make them available for purchase for a fair price. Replacing them would be an easy job that anybody can do.