Ideas for managing the option list in a better way

When you have to make a very long option list, I have encountered two problems.

1 - Entering (in this case) 1024 numbers takes time, especially if it should be 0, 8, 16, 24, 32, etc. Solution: A function that says, insert in all the numbers between 0 and 8192 step 8. Done in no time! That function can of course also be used without step. Lets say insert all numbers between 0 and 127.

2 - Another problem I encountered is the following. Let’s say you missed a number in the middle of the list. Then you have to create a number that always ends up last. Then it must be moved to the right place. It has happened several times that the browser freezes for a while during this work.
Solution: It would be better if a new number was inserted where you have marked instead of the last one.

I have tried to use MIDI learn for option list and NRPN but no success.

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