mkII turning knobs to the left sometimes increases values

Turning a knob on the Electra One mkII to the left should decrease the knob’s value. However, turning any knob to the left will sometimes increase the value instead.

I noticed this for up to two values, but it’s often just one false increase. It seems that all knobs are affected by this and it also seems to happen when the knob has a specific physical rotation.

The problem is easiest to notice when twisting the knob with a slow movement. It is harder to notice with fast knob movements.

Is this an issue with my device?

Nobody else able to reproduce this?

I Never experienced that. Can you be more precise:

  • any specific preset?
  • specific message? knob using Lua maybe? (is that matters in anyway…)

It has been happening in every preset I tried and it seems to happen for both LUA and JSON knobs.

It seems to be tied to a specific physical rotation/orientation of the knob.

I can even see the problem when the control is shown fully left/at zero in the UI. Slowly turning the knob to the left will make the value shown jump to the next increment at some point.


Instead of gripping, put your index finger on the right side of the knob and just turn it by sliding the side of the knob forward.

If that works, it’s possible as you go to grasp the knob you turn it a little to the right.

Tried that index finger sliding but it’s still happening like when gripping the knob.

I’ve been having a random issue where I have a virtual control range of 0 to 299 and it takes a lot of movement to get it to start registering any changes. If I whip the encoder it get more response, but slow turns don’t register for the first 1/4 turn most of the time.

Mk II, OS 3.3.1

I will take a look at both reported things.

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The occasional reading in the opposite direction was a mk2 specific issue. It is fixed in version 3.4.

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I can confirm that this issue is fixed with v3.4. Yay!

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