Jomox MBrane/MBase

Anyone done anything for either one? I just got the pair, will probably work something up at some point, but I wanted to check if anyone else had already started…

Well I am planning to build a MIDI preset for the MBase11 at some point but not sure when I can find the time. Please let us know if you do finish something…

I amended my airbase template down as its almost the same CC’s - you guys will have to test as I only have the airbase.

Midi Channel ten on the template

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Works well, thanks ! Odd Jomox didn’t create a CC# for the LFO waveform though…

Well maybe they did but it’s not listed in the manual.

On the airbase there is two Lfos with CC’s for selection and destination.

Selection is CC 75/79

The modbase 09 mkii has lfo wave select as CC119

This is closer to the LFO CC’s on the mod base 11 so I can add a selection CC’s for the lfo types on CC119 and you can test if you want.

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You were right ! thanks for the suggestion. CC119 does correspond to the LFO Waveform selection, in spite of it not being stated in the manual. Still it lacks CC# for Pitch Mode, X-trig level and X-trig ON/OFF. Maybe in a future MBase11 firmware upgrade ?..

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I made public your updated template, so you can delete your first version if you want. MIDI channel is set to #1.

Cool deleted the one I did,

You maybe should have a play with the CC’s around the 120’s not in use - maybe they did and again it’s not listed. Jomox are known for their sound not their OS, sequencers or manuals.

I would maybe try 118,124,125 these control the second lfo on the mod base 09 mkii but if you don’t have that on the mbase 11 then maybe they used these differently.

However the modbase does have that functionality also to use as a bass synth with a few more options and that doesn’t have CC’s listed for it.

I had tried all CCs. But nevermind, LFO waveform was the most important missing feature in terms of sound design, the other missing controls are not the kind you tweak, more the kind you set and forget…