LFO per CC

Hi there.
Looks like a very interesting controller already.
I would really like to know if the implementation of an LFO is possible and on the roadmap of this controller?
Would be a very nice LFO box to control ‘any’ connected CC.
Any = within bandwidth of MIDI specs of course.

This is on the long term todo list. People often ask about having such feature in Electra.

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Thanks @martin for your reply.

If you haven’t seen it already, the Yorick Tech Low Frequency Expander has a really nice version of this set up. I’ve got one, but being able to swap it out for my Electra would be really slick.


Thinking about it more, LFOs plus macros/conditional triggering would effectively turn this into an instrument for me, and I’d probably buy at least one, maybe two more. Of course, it’ll need to take its proper place in the todo list — that’s a ton of complexity and probably needs to get designed out as a unified package. Maybe for the next major version, some time next year.

BTW, is the roadmap public anywhere? Apologies if I’ve missed it here.

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