Korg TR Rack

Just wondering if anyone has attempted an editor for the TR rack? I’ve just ordered one as found one on the local market going cheap. There doesn’t seem to be many editors on the market for it.

yep !

I have on too, but need to start working on it. The concepts are similar to the ones found in the M1 and 01W series. You can see it’s a descendant.
With a decent controller you can open up the TR Rack to a ful blown Trinity or Triton (I forgot which).

But do not under stimate it, it’s not a straightforward SysEx implementation. Examples of the complexity can be found in the preset I made for the 03R/W.
Things to consider:

  • bits are being set for negative values (check the MSB7bit function in lua)
  • complex control of FX (dynamic parameter settings)
  • specific way of setting direction controls (the ones going to -, off of +)