LFO slows down

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I’m revamping an old preset in which I programmed an LFO. The LFO is controlled by the timer via timer.onTick() or midi.onClock(midiInput).

It’s been since early 2023 that I used this preset. Now I run it on the latest firmware on Mk1, but I get noticeable delays in the LFO cycle when I change pages. Then suddenly the LFO speeds up. It’s like the onTick is slowed down, then afterwards it wants to catch up to make good for ‘lost’ time. But that is undesired from a musical perspective. What are typical causes? How to prevent this?

If your controls have a lot of formatters and functions tied to them and if they are doing a lot of work, I could see why that happens.

Maybe try timer.disable() when leaving one page and timer.enable() when entering the new page?

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The LFO already slows down while in the page selection menu. So the new page has not yet been chosen… Does not sound logical those formatters could already kick in.

The timer.disable is not a solution; one wants the LFO to continue of course :notes: