mkII performance / slow UI

I noticed that as soon as I adjust two knobs at the same time or adjust one knob while touching other knobs, the UI becomes very slow (looks like 5fps). It doesn’t matter how many control elements are on the current preset page. You can just have one control on the display and it will show stuttery knob movements the more knobs you keep touched.

Is this a known issue?

Is there a particular preset this is happening with, or is it all you’ve tried?

I’ve been playing with the Mk II and haven’t actually noticed this so far.
I do notice that for the first encoder I’m using, it takes a bit of time for it to start registering value changes, but once it starts, it’s very responsive.

So far, this happens even with the simplest preset I can make (a single control):

(Turning right is with one knob touched, turning left is with multiple knobs touched)

I have already adjusted it. Preparing a v3.3.1 release right now and a fix for this is included in it.


This was resolved in v3.3.1… which has just been released.


Version 3.3.1 improved this a lot, much appreciated!

The UI slowdown is still quite noticeable when touching 8 knobs with four fingers (two knobs per finger) - what is causing these slowdowns?

I’m also observing a value freeze when suddenly touching two additional knobs:

  • slowly turn knob 1 clockwise with your left hand
  • touch knobs 2 and 3 with your right hand
  • the value display of knob 1 will freeze until you release knobs 2 and 3

Turning knob 1 again will make the display immediately jump to where you actually moved the knob while it was frozen.