MacOS Sonoma connection issues [solved]

I recently updated to MacOS Sonoma, and had an issue connecting my Electra. The device booted but was never recognized by the OS. I saw a brief flash of a dialog that was too fast to interact with or even read. I managed to do a screen recording and saw that it was (as I suspected…) a “Allow accessory to connect?” security dialog.

To bypass this and allow the electra to connect, I was able to:

  1. From System Preferences → Privacy & Security → [at the bottom] → “Allow accessories to connect”
  2. Choose “Automatically when unlocked” or “Always”

There may be a minor issue on the Electra One side, as I DON’T see the dialog immediately disappear with some other devices - so the Electra may be missing some feedback from the host machine and immediately bailing out somehow? But this feels more like bad UX on the MacOS side. Regardless, this should at least be documented.

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