MIDI Thru in&out with the Osmose

Hi, I’m trying to get this setup to work:

  • Synth (Osmose( connected to USB HOST.
  • USB DEVICE connected to PC with DAW (Bitwig)
  • DrivenByMoss (Bitwig preset) uses PORT1 and CTRL
  • Osmose uses PORT2 MIDI Thru (with its own script in Bitwig)

I want the Osmose’s MIDI to go thru de E1 without being bothered about anything. I think I got this working with the USB Host configurator. However…

The Osmose has 2 in & outs, “Osmose” and “Osmose #2”, and the one I want (best MPE performance) is the Osmose #2. However, I don’t know how to select that one for the Osmose. I believe I’m connecting “Osmose”.

I’m doing all this to see whether I can spare the purchase of yet another MIDI/USB cable. If I can use the E1 thru without MIDI problems and without much lag, then I’ll save one cable. If not, that’s fine, it won’t be expensive and I have USB slots available in my PC.

I have ordered the 3m USB A-B cable that I needed to connect the Osmose directly to the PC. 10€ :slight_smile:

I still can plug the Osmose and the Electra using the DIN ports. Changing presets and tweaking parameters with the Osmose is ok but maybe one day someone has a preset that takes advantage of the E1 screen for easier access. :slight_smile: