Multi parameters/Midi channels

Hi everyone, I was wondering if it was planned to have multiple different parameters per control including different midi channel ?

I’ll explain myself a bit, I’m using a novation summit and until now I was using a morningstar mc6 to call patches on the summit.
Since the mc6 does not allow NRPN directly, I used a serie of sequencial commands to call a specific patch.

Summit has 2 modes : Single and Multi(timbral) are reachable from NRPN 62:0 which has to be sent on global channel for single to multi ( 7 in my case ) and on any part channel for multi to single ( 5 or 6 for me ).
Each mode has its own four banks
Each bank has 128 patches.

The mc6 allowed me to have two set of instruction per stomp (Switch position A and B ) to switch from single to multi.

Basically it is needed to send :

cc#99=62 then cc#98=0 ( Paremeter id ) then cc#6=1 ( Value ) then cc32=1-4 ( bank ) then pchange = 0-127 on channel 7 to call a specific multi patch.

And exactly the same as above except cc#6=0 and channel 5 or 6 to call a monotimbral patch.

Is something like that could be attainble with the electra one on one button ?
I already set up a single to multi switch using NRPN list but it needs two buttons ( one for each midi channel) with 2 options each, one to send the correct command and another to reset the command so you are able to send it again. Not very convenient at the moment.

Thanks a lot for your help, I hope my post made sense…

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Hi, I get your point and it makes sense. I was thinking about making it possible to create a chain of messages that would be triggered on either a change of value or an event (say pressing a pad/button).

Because you asked about it, I will add it to the list of ideas. Honestly, I want to roll out the planned features first. They are based on the input of users in the past. But your request nicely fits in future features.

At this moment, however, one control is limited to one message.

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Thanks Martin ! Having temp switches will already be a nice Step forward and macros are close,a small delay in messages and almost there.

As a sidenote is there any coding reason for having to choose devices before setting up a control ? I would find it very convenient to be able to set midi port and channel in the control options.

And by the way…Electra one is awesome !

Ooh, yeah, I can think of a ton of things to do with message chaining. Even more if it’s possible to have variable substitutions on the basis of either a set of global variables or the value of other controls.