Music memories for sound design testing

Imagine that you are doing sound design on your synth in Electra. How practical it would have been if there were possibilities to record different short music loops and store them in different memories in Electra. When you then change a parameter, you can directly test the sound by clicking on one of the memories. A memory can be, for example, an arpeggiator loop. Another memory can be chords suitable for pads etc. You decide what the memories will contain. Then you don’t have to play the keyboard all the time when you are doing sound design.


No clue if that is possible… Would assume it is, but I’d be curious to see why that would be useful given the amount of effort it would take… At least in my case I have my keyboard, synths I want to program, E1 and DAW connected and running when I program sounds… That way it’s easy to either test the patches by hand or with the sequencer… I don’t quite see how that would make sense in a DAW less setup… But would assume even then that there is a sequencer somewhere there…