New ElectraOne console / Testing needed

Good luck @martin !
Just wanted to mention that for now I have the Electra One connected via a small MIDI Hub to a MacBook Pro. Let me know if you want me to test something for you.

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This is just perfect. Try to use it and report weird stuff.

I did a bit more testing around it - seems to be the size of the preset that is the issue on the MIO 10

Hi @martin ,

Because of my observation (mentioned earlier) that SysEx did not seem to work when sending to Electra One (controller) FW v1.5.7, I reverted back to FW v1.5.
Now I see it not working there either.
I’m pretty sure the actual data is send (I can see it usinf MIDI Monitor). Like so:

17:28:18.206	From Virus TI	SysEx		Access 11 bytes	F0 00 20 33 01 00 6E 00 1E 04 F7
17:28:18.210	To Electra Port 1	SysEx		Access 11 bytes	F0 00 20 33 01 00 6E 00 1E 04 F7

But still the controls on Electra One do not reflect the changed values.

BTW the web app (with which the SysEx controlles where done), seems to work as expected / fine.

After downgrading (which went fine), I did a ElectraOneConsole Reset. But helas…
Is there maybe a ‘hard reset’ option?


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Hi Joris,

I am not sure if I get it right. But if you expect Electra to update value of a particular control value based on incoming sysex message it is a feature that still needs to be implemented. At present time electra can track CCs, NRPNs, and full patch dump SysEx messages (ie. a message that updates all control values). Parsing of incoming SysEx is on the development list. Basically this feature is waiting for one important change.

I am currently working on extending SysEx templates so that extra “variables” will be supported. eg. channel number, device Id, and - important - parameter number. Once the SysEx template will support the parameter, it will help to reduce number of unique sysex templates (in one preset) to very low number. Reducing the number of templates will make it viable to parse incoming SysEx data. Currently, when one preset may have hundreds of SysEx templates, parsing them on the fly would be extremely slow. I hope you catch my drift :slight_smile:

The hardware reset is described at Firmware recovery | Electra One Documentation. If you needed any assistance just reach me on the website chat.

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Ah, I did not know that the Electra One is currently not able to recognise SysEx other than the bigger Patch SysEx. I do get it though, it would indeed mean the Electra One to map against potentially 432 parameter SysEx defentions. Hope your new “variables” solution will change that, as it would make the Electra One true bi-directional. I was assuming it was supported, as the Web Editor is recognising it. My bad…

No hardware reset needed if the device is indeed acting as expected. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

I am impressed though with how much the editor is recognising, it sees the SysEx, and knows the value part of the Virus TI’s implementation. Is that specifically done for Access SysEx?. If so, it could indeed also detect the channel and parameter part. Which in turn would indeed simplify the making of a much smaller lookup table, to do the SysEx parsing on the console’s end within time (I’m a developer myself).

Keep up the good work!

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Happy to report that the Electra One FW v1.5.7 works like a charm with an iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+
(via its USB Host port + OverHub)

For sure will test it also with the ConductiveLabs MRCC when mine arrives. :blush:


Thanks for letting us know! I do think the MRCC does not fully support SysEx yet. If I am not mistaken @oldgearguy has MRCC already he might now.

Am I missing a step? The 1.5.7 Windows msi installer says it installed the app, but I can’t find it anywhere. Running Windows 10 here.

EDIT - found it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electra \One
Got confused because I didn’t see it on the desktop or in the standard program lists

EDIT 2 - I shut down the E1 by using the 3rd button on each side. Then I unplugged the USB cable and Windows 10 blue-screened. Got the “Uh-Oh, something went wrong, we’re gathering data…” message.

Please @oldgearguy could you confirm that the MRCC do SysEx or not?

The general NDA has been lifted, but I cannot comment on the current status of an unreleased product.
I do know they absolutely want to have full sysex support across all the ports. We should be seeing public information very soon about all of it.

Thanks, I’m sure it will at some point. I didn’t know this is/was an issue.

In any case I think people will be very pleased with the MRCC. It solves a lot of MIDI connection problems and provides a lot of other useful features (most are documented in the early manual that is posted in the MRCC forum on their site).

I’ve installed 1.5.7, but I’m still only seeing the one pair of USB virtual inputs and outputs showing up on my Bome Box.

ok, I think I am going to get myself a new toy :slight_smile: Will get a Bome Box and will review the USB communication there.


Honestly, I really love it as a router, so you won’t regret it. Florian, the lead dev, is also pretty good to work with if you’ve got questions.

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Ordered. Looking fwd to it. Will test it once it is here.

The Snaps functionality. What purpose is the Load button on the electra. From what I can see a snap is loaded by touching it on the screen.

Also the Send Current - is that for sending what ever the current position of the controls is?

The UI needs to be improved. The idea is that Load, Save, Remove buttons change the mode of the screen.

When in load mode, tapping the slot loads the snapshot. When you activate save, tapping will save current values to the snapshot slot. Remove mode allows you to remove saved snapshot.

Send current: the connected synth may run out of sync with Electra - eg. by changing sound properties on the synth synth side so that Elecra does not now about it. This button resends all values to synchronize both sides.

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@RobinC any problems encoutered when you using snaps? I tested / used it with my TX7 a quite a lot and it worked just fine. But I think somebody mentioned having some issues.