New way to brick it

Ok, here’s something I hadn’t seen before and I can’t recover it at the moment.

LUA coding error, and on a reboot, the progress bar goes all the way to the end, but stays there.
The USB Device text is constantly highlighted and there’s nothing I can do.

Going into/out of USB Disk mode doesn’t help,
loading new OSes doesn’t help.

I can connect to the and/or site and if I go into the controller tab, I can see my faulty preset. But, I can’t delete it there, it just spins with the 3 dots constantly going. It’s like the firmware is in a tight USB loop (logging an error or something??) and will not respond to external inputs.

Any ideas?

So here’s what appears to have caused this problem:

I changed an array from this:
factr = {[0]="Pitch","Delay","Chorus","Multi","User 5","User 6","User 7","User 8"}


factr = {"Pitch","Delay","Chorus","Multi","User 5","User 6","User 7","User 8",[127]="None"}

go to the bootloader and enable disk mode. Then, on the computer, go to the ctrlv2/slots folder and remove the .epr and .lua file for that preset. The slots use index number from 0 to 71.

Hey hey. It’s all good now. :+1:

Thanks for that.

Good thing I have a couple E1’s here.