Novation Circuit Mono Station

CMS.epr (23.8 KB) Circuit Mono Station.EIF (44.2 KB)

Attached are a preset file and an instrument file for the Novation Circuit Mono Station. They have been tested with the latest public firmware 0.9.12

Couple of things to note

  • My mono station is on MIDI channel 11. If you are using the preset file you will need to adjust the channel to match that of your device
  • The Patch Request button has been configured to download the current patch from the mono station. So once you’ve configured the preset to the correct channel you can download the current patch from the mono station by pressing this button. All the electra one controls will then update to show the current values of the respective parameters on the mono station. The two devices will be in sync
  • There is a program change parameter on the 1st page of the preset. You can use this to select the program you want to edit on the mono station or just scroll through the presets on your mono station.
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