Orac on organelle

hi !
i’ve created a preset for orac for my organelle. works great.
however, i was wondering if it was possible to have a reflexion of the values changed on orac on the electra one - this direction : orac > electra one.
this would allow me to prepare the base of a track on my organelle, and after / later, use the snapshots function of the electra one to create variation of the prepared track.
thanks all for your time.

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Great, Welcome here!

I am not a real orac user but we have Mark (@thetechnobear ) around - I think he might be able to give an advice.

@gaminerie glad you got it working!
its impractical for orac to send CC for particular controls… there are just too many parameters, and given you can switch modules, the ‘meaning’ would change as you switch modules out.

So, instead, Ive been working on dedicated support for Orac for the Electra One.
Unfortunately, we then found issues with Electra One sending midi to/from the Organelle/ rPI , so that put it on the backburner, whilst the E1 firmware issue was resolved.
I believe the E1 firmware now has resolved this issue - so I need to retest this…

Ive been meaning to do this, but in the meantime, Ive switched to a new mac mini m1 which has change my entire dev environment, and also been busy on other projects.
anyway, will see if I can dust this off, and get it released!

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hi !
thank to the two of you.
ok i’ll stay in touch.
good flights technobear :wink:

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a little tease…

Ive been having a few technical issues, but after a lot of digging, and help from @martin, we are starting to get somewhere…

whats quite interesting about the way this is working, is this is the first application thats specifically written for the Electra One… what this means is it dynamically updates the preset.
so as you add modules, load presets etc in Orac - the electra one updates to reflect these changes :slight_smile:

this is only way it can work, given there are lots of modules in orac assigned to various slots - so its impossible to statically create a preset for Orac… you’d have to create one for each orac preset you saved… which would be tedious :wink:

its still a ‘way off’ as there are some still some technical issues, but use to show its getting there…


and a very special thank you to @thetechnobear for inviesting his time into that!

thanks technobear. can’t wait to use it :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in the involved SysEx. Any chance I could get a peek in to the (preliminary) specs?

not sure what you mean… I use the sysex as published in the E1 documentation

Sorry, I thought some new SysEx commands where involved.

hi technobear,
is the app available on patchstorage ?
or not ready yet ?
thanks :slight_smile:

my modules workflow is always the same

parallele 3 - transport

euclid tr - fusion - reverbaration

grids - plaits - grids - plaits

grids - plaits - reverbaration

reverbararion - eq 4

There were some technical issues to the size of the preset required.

I’m in the process of re-writing it….
Should be ready at end of summer, so mid sept.

Sorry for the delay, but it’s going to be much better, worth the wait !


i’m sure it will :slight_smile:


thanks for the update and your dedication.


What we showed at Superbooth 2021 for Orac :slight_smile:


This is simply brilliant!

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awesome :slight_smile:

where could we find the orac patch ?
patchstorage ?

or the electra preset ?

ty :slight_smile:


The Electra One firmware is undergoing some further developments, so my plan/hope is to update the Orac firmware to that before release.
But hopefully that won’t take too long.

also I’ve family visiting for next couple of weeks so nothing is happening till they leave and I get some spare time.

The release will include updated Orac, Mec and Orac firmware for E1

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enjoy your family :slight_smile:

ps : in the update, did you study the possibility to to change between presets in time with a clock ? would avoid cracks betwwen them. would be a game changer :wink:

all the bests man.


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That sounds very nice indeed - well done! Can’t wait to get the E1 :smiley:

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