Patch Request not working on a daisy chain?

Is it expected behaviour that the Patch Request doesn’t work on a MIDI daisy chain?

I’ve tested my presets of 3 rackmount synths individually by only connecting midi cables to each synth while working on them, but now I’m trying to connect everything together in a permanent set up with a daisy chain, like so:

Controlling the parameters works fine, as I’ve targeted each synth by using channels 1, 2 and 3. But the Patch Request is no longer working. When I press it the “MIDI In” indicator lights up, showing me that data is getting back to the device, but the parameters are no longer updating.

There is no way for synts MIDI outs to reach Electra’s MIDI IN in your setup (as shown on the picture) , ie. the patch request call reaches the synth but the patch data is transmitted unconnected OUT.

The best solution for your setup would be to use a midi merge box and connect the synth outs to it and connect the output of the merge box to Electra’s MIDI IN. I hope you catch my drift.

The parameter control works in this setup because it does not need MIDI outputs.

Gosh darn it, I was worried that was the case, as I was hoping to avoid buying more hardware! I’ve run out of midi ports on the 7 port patch bay, because I have 3 other devices connected to it. Thanks for the explanation.

I am considering building a port extender that could be connected to USB Host port. 8x8. Or possibly to integrate it to some sort of Electra stand. But time is a limiting factor here :frowning: