Keyboard shortcuts

this one is definitely ‘out there’… and basically out of scope for a midi controller.

but thought id post it just as an idea, which could potentially extend E1 user base…

allow E1 to also be a HID, so it could appear as a keyboard.
this would (obviously with a whole bunch of other changes) allow it to send keyboard events (key up/down), and so be used to program keyboard shortcuts on many applications.

this idea mainly comes from the usage in the video world, where applications have ability to define keyboard shortcuts… so with something like OBS, you could use the E1 to switch scenes etc.

this is (I believe) pretty much what stream deck does

so E1 might attract users in this market too , where stream deck is very popular…
(but E1 would be more powerful/configurable)

anyway a random idea…

Im guessing for now , I can possibly find an app on the mac, that would allow me to translate midi note on/off into keyboard events :slight_smile:


In principle, Bome Midi Translator pro (and optionally its hardware counterpart that does the same thing but of course through hardware, the BomeBox) would do the trick :slight_smile:

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indeed there are a few apps including midi translator that can do this, I also came across Midi Pipe and Midi Stroke … but I think there are quite a few - I need to check to see which ones work best on my mac m1.

Its solvable for sure.

however, the advantage of the E1 doing it is setup

e.g. using midipipe to add short cuts you need to

  • in electra one editor - create a setup with buttons to midi notes
  • in midi pipe editor - create mapping from note to key
  • in target app (e.g. OBS) - setup shortcuts ( depends on software)

if E1 support HID output, we simply have

  • in electra one editor - create a setup with buttons to keys
  • in target app (e.g. OBS) - setup shortcuts ( depends on software)

as such, its not a lot more to do , really the main saving is when you are testing it… since in the first scenario its easy to introduce errors in either of the first two steps - not so much if the E1 has hid support - not alot in it, if your setting up a couple of keys, but if you start doing more extensive mapping can get time consuming.

also for E1 the advantages is, like patch presets, users could share presets for common applications e.g. OBS, Final Cut Pro - knowing that, you dont have to get other users to have to install other software, than then use config files (for note->key mapping) for that app.

BUT … as i said…
this is not really the function of E1, so definitely more one for the future, as a way to perhaps extend E1 user base - but perhaps low priority item :slight_smile:

as for now, indeed, we can, already do this with just a little more setup…