[Preset] 弁当 Bentō by Giorgio Sancristoforo (software japanoise box)

Here’s a preset for the amazing 弁当 Bentō by Giorgio Sancristoforo. If you like your software noisy, go check it out!:

The preset is here:

The mapping file is here:
Bento_Electra_One_mapping.maxmap.pdf (7.0 KB)

Remove the .pdf extension from the file and you can import it though the “Load map” option. Though I’ve some issues with that getting to work immediately; sometimes it helps to just map one control again. Also for the preset control you’ll probably have to eneble mapping for that parameter. Just rightclick on it and choose “enable mapping”.

I think it would be an amazing hardware synth, but having the E1 controling it it is nearly almost the same.